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Random Blend

No particular theme at hand here, just picking and choosing a few random bands here that have a good sound.
If anyone is interested in more, comment asking, please rate songs.

Artist: Minus the Bear
Song: Knights & White Mystery
Album: Planet of Ice
Genre: Indie
Comment: The name "White Mystery" makes me think of the mystery Air Heads....mmmm. ANYWAY
A very very indie band that runs along the lines of Alaska In Winter, Sharks Keep Moving, Radiohead --- and other mellow and soft beat/tempo bands.
Video: Knights

Artist: Nothingface
Song: Sleeper
Album: An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity
Genre: Metal / Nu Metal
Comment: It's hard for me to put them under one category because their albums really range with different sound. And although Pacifier (their first album) was not the greatest to me musically, after this album came out I saw a lot more originality and diversity along in the lyrics (not only that, but a huge genre change). This song specifically is pretty soft.
Video: Nothingface Sleeper (LIVE)

Artist: Autumn
Song: Satellites & Blue Wine
Album: My New Time
Genre: Metal / Female Vocalist
Comment: For some reason this band comes off sounding really original, along with the synthesizers and junk...But, then you listen to the rest of the album...And, to be honest, I don't see it.
Video: Satellites

Artist: v(NEU)
Song: CHERRY.  & HONEY Bee★ NEνER LAND mix
Genre: Japanese Rock / JROCK
Comment: THIS BAND IS SO CUTE! Wow. Kawaii overload.
Video: Honey Bee

Artist: Milk & Honey
Song: Didi (Radio Mix)
Album: Elbi
Genre: Indian / German / Female Vocals
Comment: So, apparently Milk is German, but she mostly sings in French... I have yet to hear her sing in German at all on the album Elbi. And, apparently Honey knows like 10921091 languages. Nothing like 2 hot girls singing fluent English with cute accents.
Video: Didi

Artist: Dolls of Pain
Song: down in hell mix (by colddrive)
Album: Dark Radio Comp
Genre: Industrial (Apparently they're labeled as "Gothic Electro Pop")
Comment: More underground bands like these found on the Dark Radio Comp, so I might upload more later from it.
Video: (None)

Artist: All:My:Faults
Song: Alles ist gesagt (version 2007)
Album: neo.NoiR
Genre: Industrial / German
Comment: This band actually posts their stuff up online for free! Who would'a thought. The album seems to be lacking, but I fell in love with this song.
Video: (None)

Wow, so this is my first post. I might post more songs tomorrow.
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